Tattie Rose Studio is made up of a small and highly skilled team of makers, florists, welders, botanists, organisers and artists who all share the values of its founder Tattie Isles and her husband Fred who are at the helm of this wonderful botanical circus.

Knowledge, determination, attention to detail, a passion for design, and a sense of fun are at the core of Tattie Rose Studio, along with a shared love of bohemia, architecture, plants, trees and fabric. Week after week, far and wide the team all bring their skills together to create tapestries that tell stories and move people with their scale and drama yet somehow retain a humble root and sense of belonging thanks to the raw ingredients which they work with.

With commissions now coming from various corners of the world; the importance of being a family team is more significant than ever and our team cannot be beaten, not only in skill but also in kindness, efficiency and warmth.  

We place a huge emphasis on sustainability in every way we work, we never use floral foam or bricks of any type, we source our ingredients responsibly and consider the impact of every move we make on the earth. Every day we strive to be greener in our practice.


meet Tattie →

Tattie is renowned in the flower industry for her ability to tell the most magical stories through her designs. Her enviable eye for detail, colour, light, sculpture, structure, negative space and scale comes from over 15 years of studying, experimenting and playing with flowers and natural ingredients to make her one of the UK’s most highly sought after florists.

A footloose spirit, she spent years travelling to and from India developing an already existing passion for colour and texture whilst also honing her skills working with flowers and plants in Dorset, Oxford and Edinburgh before returning to the UK full time to set up Tattie Rose Flowers in 2009.

Her aim was to breathe life and soul into every event she was involved in, to bring the outdoors in, to authentically reflect the changing seasons, to champion the underdogs of the flower world and to constantly develop new skills and new methods of floristry whilst respecting the exquisite ingredients with which she works. 


who we are →

“Tattie Rose transformed our venue into a candle-lit, luscious, magical wild garden and went above and beyond any expectations we had. There isn’t another florist in the world I would recommend more for a special occasion!”